How to Upload Windows and Linux Virtual Machines to Azure

Upload Windows and Linux Virtual Machines to Azure with a few clicks using CtxAdmTools AzureUploadVM


Step 1: Connect to Azure.

Click on Connect to Azure button to sign in to Azure or
Quick Connect if you used Azure Upload VM before.


Azure Sign In


Step 2: enter Image File information.

First, select the Operating System. You can choose Windows or Linux.

Second, search for the image file (.vhd) to upload.

If you previously uploaded an image file with same name, enable the overwrite checkbox.

Finally, enter the name of the image being added to the Azure image repository.
Note: The image name can contain only letters, numbers, periods, hyphens, and underscores.


Azure Image Information


Step 3: select Azure Storage Account

First, select the Location. You can choose Regions or Affinity Groups.

Azure Select Location


After that, select an existing Storage Account or create a new one.


Azure Select Storage Account


If you choose to create a new Azure Storage Account:

Enter the name of the new Storage Account and then decide if you want to enable GeoReplication.

Note: GeoReplication probably is not required for mostly of VM images and will increase the cost of your monthly bill.


Azure Create New Storage Account


Step 4: upload the VM image

(required a Full Version License)

Click on the Upload Image button. Then relax.
This process will take lot of time (hours or even days).


Upload Azure VM Image


Done! Process completed!


Upload Azure VM Image Complete


Learn more about AzureUploadVM at

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